Electronic Delivery Authority

Electronic Delivery Authority (EDA) is a SaaS platform that allows citizens to submit secure, electronic documents to Polish public administration. Each document can be signed with secure digital signature, according to EU and Polish law.

First customers purchased EDA in 2006. Since then it had hundreds of deployments and processed thousands of documents monthly. Customers included institutions like polish national Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) and Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

For one of my personal projects I needed a chart of stock value for one of public companies in Poland. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find anything useful (and free), so I've decided to build it myself. It's available as a widget you could add to your own website. Live demo is available here.

The widget in its current version uses daily data in Metastock format, downloaded automatically everyday at 6:01 pm Polish time from You will need to know exact ticker from files published there.

I've ported Consistent Language Interface from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. It's my third contribution to Drupal project.

Consistent Language Interface is a module that shows option to switch Drupal GUI language. It displays a block with text and/or flags corresponding to target language.

More info about this module could be found on Drupal project page. The port is published in issue queue.