If you want to fetch content from remote sites that are not supported by standard Feeds fetching plugins, you must probably write custom PHP code to achieve this. Feeds PHP Fetcher simplifies this task by allowing you to enter PHP code directly into Drupal interface, without the complex work of writing custom module and implementing your own Feeds Fetcher plugin.

For one of my personal projects I needed a chart of stock value for one of public companies in Poland. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find anything useful (and free), so I've decided to build it myself. It's available as a widget you could add to your own website. Live demo is available here.

The widget in its current version uses daily data in Metastock format, downloaded automatically everyday at 6:01 pm Polish time from You will need to know exact ticker from files published there.

I'm an incidental investor, buying sometimes low-end stocks when I naively think they will grow, and loosing my precious time analyzing the charts and data when I could do something much more useful (like sleep). As an amateur, I'm not so interested in complex financial reports and opinions of genious analysts; instead I'll prefer to know what the business is all about and who is running it. I'd like to know things that I usually report to my bosses - for example, contract portfolio and possible invoice dates.

Google has recently introduced new GooglePlus functionality: business pages. I took part in Google's Webinar "Getting Your Business on Google+". The recording of this webinar will be available soon. Meanwhile I'd like to point you two important things I've noted: integration of "+1" button with search results and ability to segment page users in circles. These two functions are very important and might make G+ succeed.

We are witnessing a digital revolution. Books are transforming into e-books, magazines are digitized, your TV set is starting to be just another part of your tablet, and your tablet is just another form of TV. Virtual world is getting more real than ever. It's just a matter of time when you will be able to "like" a TV show you are watching.

Google is introducing limits for usage of their Google Maps. Websites will be allowed to load only 25000 maps daily. If you need more, you will have to pay.

Google Maps is currently the most popular map embedded on websites and mobile apps. Will the change in Google policy alter this trend? And what can web developers do to be independent of map data vendor?

Imagine photos that are always sharp. Imagine camera that doesn't need to focus on the target, because images can be re-focused as you are watching them. Now imagine that it's real - and its name is Lytro.

Lytro is an innovative digital camera that captures "light field" instead of traditional pictures. Light field cannot be captured by standard cameras; it requires special type of sensor - "light field sensor".

Standard Geolocation Field in Drupal 7 allows displaying of content only as a static image, using static Google Maps API. This solution is very limited: users can't scroll the map, zoom it nor change display type. I've implemented a patch which allows you to replace this image with dynamic, scrollable and zoomable map, which you know from many sites (including :) ).

First computer virus was developed 25 years ago. Since then, computer viruses became a significant risk not only for our computers, but also for world economy. Computers are nearly everywhere and they control so many aspects of our lives - and are vulnerable to attacks. Do you want to get familiar with these threats? Watch Mikko Hyppönen's speech.

I've migrated this website to Drupal 7. Migration process was quite easy and straightforward; in fact, I'm impressed with quality of work that Drupal folks did to achieve this level of quality. But I still need some time to configure the stuff up and have it working.

I also made some important decisions about this blog. First of all, despite of my weak english, I won't write anything in polish. It will be a good training of my language skills :).