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If you want to fetch content from remote sites that are not supported by standard Feeds fetching plugins, you must probably write custom PHP code to achieve this. Feeds PHP Fetcher simplifies this task by allowing you to enter PHP code directly into Drupal interface, without the complex work of writing custom module and implementing your own Feeds Fetcher plugin.

Standard Geolocation Field in Drupal 7 allows displaying of content only as a static image, using static Google Maps API. This solution is very limited: users can't scroll the map, zoom it nor change display type. I've implemented a patch which allows you to replace this image with dynamic, scrollable and zoomable map, which you know from many sites (including http://maps.google.com :) ).

I've migrated this website to Drupal 7. Migration process was quite easy and straightforward; in fact, I'm impressed with quality of work that Drupal folks did to achieve this level of quality. But I still need some time to configure the stuff up and have it working.

I also made some important decisions about this blog. First of all, despite of my weak english, I won't write anything in polish. It will be a good training of my language skills :).

I've ported Consistent Language Interface from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. It's my third contribution to Drupal project.

Consistent Language Interface is a module that shows option to switch Drupal GUI language. It displays a block with text and/or flags corresponding to target language.

More info about this module could be found on Drupal project page. The port is published in issue queue.

Drupal 7, the cutting-edge version of my favourite CMS, is now released.

I won't be migrating klimek.ws website to D7, but will test that on my "R&D" sites.

Main difference (except new look&feel) is philosophy of content types. Currently content types are by default created by the user, using technology known from "Content Creation Kit" in D6. There also is an automated, one-click update mechanism for modules and themes... and more!

You can find out more here.

The second "release candidate" of Drupal 7 was published yesterday. Drupal's team worked very hard on usability and look&feel, and this work was (at least in my opinion) really successful.

Click here to see sample screenshot (in Polish).