After a four years’ break, during which I was building my own business, I have decided to reactivate the blog to share with you my experience and ideas.

I will try to show you how I approach the development of my own company, what tools I use to control it, and how you can use these elements in your private and professional lives.

I've just registered my first company. We will focus on requirements management, high- and low-level design of software, business process analysis and software development outsourcing. The company's name is Software Inn.

We will help our clients to clearly describe their needs and show them a path, which will help them achieve their goals with both IT and organizational solutions. Then we will lead them through this path, helping to avoid common mistakes and manage the risks.

In December issue of Communications of ACM, Stephen J. Andriole described his research on business impact of web 2.0 tools like blogs, wikis and mashups. In his research, he interviewed several business representatives and asked them which Web 2.0 technology influenced their business.

Yu can read the full aricle at http://cacm.acm.org/magazines/2010/12/102142-business-impact-of-web-20-t... .

Grupa ADV, polish creative agency and IT services company listed on NewConnect, will issue corporate bonds.

Today mBank has modified its transaction system.