Migration to Drupal 7

I've migrated this website to Drupal 7. Migration process was quite easy and straightforward; in fact, I'm impressed with quality of work that Drupal folks did to achieve this level of quality. But I still need some time to configure the stuff up and have it working.

I also made some important decisions about this blog. First of all, despite of my weak english, I won't write anything in polish. It will be a good training of my language skills :).

Second decision is to make the content and topics more "user friendly". I'll target this blog to power-developers, team and technology leaders. I'll try to write once or twice a month about current events in my professional career and new technologies I've encountered. I'll forget about e-government and focus on things that are fun, efficient and effective.

In effect, the blog will contain two sections: technology, where I'll publish info about IT and related technologies that work, and management, dedicated to IT project management, project planning, estimation etc. I hope someone will read this :).


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