After a four years’ break, during which I was building my own business, I have decided to reactivate the blog to share with you my experience and ideas.

I will try to show you how I approach the development of my own company, what tools I use to control it, and how you can use these elements in your private and professional lives.

If you want to fetch content from remote sites that are not supported by standard Feeds fetching plugins, you must probably write custom PHP code to achieve this. Feeds PHP Fetcher simplifies this task by allowing you to enter PHP code directly into Drupal interface, without the complex work of writing custom module and implementing your own Feeds Fetcher plugin.

I've just registered my first company. We will focus on requirements management, high- and low-level design of software, business process analysis and software development outsourcing. The company's name is Software Inn.

We will help our clients to clearly describe their needs and show them a path, which will help them achieve their goals with both IT and organizational solutions. Then we will lead them through this path, helping to avoid common mistakes and manage the risks.

For one of my personal projects I needed a chart of stock value for one of public companies in Poland. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find anything useful (and free), so I've decided to build it myself. It's available as a widget you could add to your own website. Live demo is available here.

The widget in its current version uses daily data in Metastock format, downloaded automatically everyday at 6:01 pm Polish time from You will need to know exact ticker from files published there.

I'm an incidental investor, buying sometimes low-end stocks when I naively think they will grow, and loosing my precious time analyzing the charts and data when I could do something much more useful (like sleep). As an amateur, I'm not so interested in complex financial reports and opinions of genious analysts; instead I'll prefer to know what the business is all about and who is running it. I'd like to know things that I usually report to my bosses - for example, contract portfolio and possible invoice dates.