Im my career I've seen a few projects that was "overengineered". Talented developers and architects designed complex architecture and used fancy solutions to achieve goals, which could be otherwise achieved much easier. This situation is quite common in various projects across the globe, from software projects to car industry to drugs research.

People usually think with "patterns". It's partly due to our system of education, where small children are teached that for each problem there is only one correct solution - the one on the back of your book ;). This education system limits our divergent thinking, which is essential for innovative thinking.

Every project needs good ideas. Without good ideas, your business won't win the competition with your rivals. But how are new, good ideas developed? Which factors influence this development?

Good ideas require time. Time is crucial; some good ideas require ten or twenty years to develop. Ideas also require a possibility to "collide" with other people's ideas, opinions and experience.


Standard Geolocation Field in Drupal 7 allows displaying of content only as a static image, using static Google Maps API. This solution is very limited: users can't scroll the map, zoom it nor change display type. I've implemented a patch which allows you to replace this image with dynamic, scrollable and zoomable map, which you know from many sites (including :) ).

To achieve positive results of your projects, you and your team must be well motivated. Without proper motivational mechanisms, people could easily lose their productivity, get apathetic and bored with your project.


First computer virus was developed 25 years ago. Since then, computer viruses became a significant risk not only for our computers, but also for world economy. Computers are nearly everywhere and they control so many aspects of our lives - and are vulnerable to attacks. Do you want to get familiar with these threats? Watch Mikko Hyppönen's speech.