Media trends 2011/2012

We are witnessing a digital revolution. Books are transforming into e-books, magazines are digitized, your TV set is starting to be just another part of your tablet, and your tablet is just another form of TV. Virtual world is getting more real than ever. It's just a matter of time when you will be able to "like" a TV show you are watching.

At the Mashable Media Summit, Pete Cashmore made a review of changes we witnessed in 2011 and outlined possible future trends. He highlighted 8 main trends of 2011:

  • News aggregation apps
  • Magazine apps
  • Beyond iPad
  • Social gestures
  • TV everywhere
  • Second screen experience
  • TV + movie marketing apps
  • Social music

But the core of current revolution is a mega-trend: TOUCH.

Want details? Watch full speech of Pete:


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